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Does MM

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I have a quite extensive library and I've been using iTunes but it is very slow. I'm looking to switch to MM because of reviews. In my current setup, each album or song has embedded artwork. There is also a file called cover.jpg in each folder. iTunes does not seem to like this and creates a separate directory for the artwork within each folder. Does MM work the same way or does it ignore the jpg files during import. If it doesn't then I will remove the cover.jpg file and only leave them in my directory I use for backups. If MM doesn't do anything with the jpg files then great. Also is there a flag that tells MM to not get artwork from discogs? I have taken great care to get my album covers for 40K songs correct. As you can image I have hundreds of hours doing this. I also use Amazon Prime Music but it totally screws with you album covers and gives sometimes gives you a lower rate when you download then 192 which is the minimum (and the norm) that today's CD's are produced in.

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Re: Does MM

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You're likely requiring about MediaMonkey for Windows not MM8.

MediaMonkey can read the Artwork and associated it with the Album files, however this can be disabled (Tools > Options > Library). MediaMonkey won't remove/rename any Artwork files in the music folder.

Discogs tagging requires an Addon so it won't need disabling. There is auto-metadata lookup that can be disabled (Tools > Options > Metadata Lookup). This would only happen when the metadata isn't available in the first place.

I'd also recommend disabling Infer File Properties (Tools > Options > Library) as it auto-guesses tags from folder/filenames and has mixed results.

If you want to test drive, but worry about changes to your media you could make the parent folder Read-Only in Windows Explorer to test-drive MediaMonkey. Once you're more familiar you can remove the Read-Only (tag writing can still be disabled in MediaMonkey (Tools > Options > Tags & Playlists)).
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