Windows 8 App Sync Problem (Solved)

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Windows 8 App Sync Problem (Solved)

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I have a server on my lan runing mediamonkey pro for Windows. I use the Windows 8 Store's MediaMonkey App to sync playlists to each of my various computers, laptops, and phones. One day I built a Windows 8 machine and it could not see the sync server no matter what I tried. It would see the UPnP server, but when I would try to find a "sync" server it would spit back some nonsense about an E-Mail link.

Fixed: After about 10-million years, I figured out how to fix this. Disable any Hyper-V devices you may have in the network section of your device manager. Suddenly, the sync server will appear when you scan for it.

This is really only a problem developers are likely to encounter, and I have no idea why it happens. I have Hyper-V on other machines that do not exhibit the problem described above. But hey, if you are at your wit's end: Here's something to try, for what it's worth.