Random glitchy playback

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Random glitchy playback

Post by Domusmedica1 »


I recently started using MMA, and am having an unusual problem.

When using the latest MMA version on a Fiio X5 running Android 5.1.1: at random points when autoplaying (either moving through an album, or on shuffle) a track will play with glitches. To stop this, I have to pause the track, rewind it to the start and replay, then it plays normally. This happens seemingly at random on a variety of tracks. These are either FLAC or MP3 files that have no intrinsic problems and otherwise play normally, and play normally on the MMW server. This doesn't happen with the inbuilt music player as far as I can tell.

An example of the glitchy playback is during this activity log: 3WNV71KCWC.

Any ideas what might be causing this, or what I can do about it?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Random glitchy playback

Post by dtsig »

Have you tried playing using the android player ... any clicks
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Re: Random glitchy playback

Post by Domusmedica »

Thanks for your reply.

No, doesn't appear to happen on the in built Android player.

And it's not clicks - the whole track is glitchy, sounds like it's playing through a tin can with noises, skips and breaks. Then back to normal when I pause and rewind.
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Re: Random glitchy playback

Post by Charvine »

Also been having this problem for about a year with mma on Samsung S7. A random track will suddenly play out of sync, repeating, echoing and skipping. Sometimes sounds like a skipping CD, quickly repeating the same second of sound. Eventually, playback will crash and mma will either restart or resume the track correctly, but unbearable to listen to when it happens. It seems as though the combination of codec and mma cannot correctly read the track's timing. A solution would be nice.
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Re: Random glitchy playback

Post by Lowlander »

Send a debug log from About and respond here with the logID.
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