Saving Playlists to External Memory

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Saving Playlists to External Memory

Post by telly7 »

I created a playlist on MMA and went to sync more songs to my device and add to the playlist from MMW, but I couldn't find the playlists I had created there. I've noticed that the playlists saved to my device's internal memory rather than external, and I'd prefer to keep that information in the external memory. How can I move the playlists I've made, and change where the playlists I make on MMA are saved?

Ah, in addition, since I'm here. When making these playlists, selecting songs and attempting to create a new playlist from my selections led to an error message saying "No Valid Tracks," so I had to create the playlist separately, then add the tracks. Is it a bug, or was I doing something wrong?
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Re: Saving Playlists to External Memory

Post by bhiefer »

Please try to create the playlist again. Then, please send us log from About screen and post a log ID here.

Playlists are created on storage where first track of playlist is located. But it doesn't matter actualy. These playlists are stored in MMA DB so it doesn't matter where they are stored.

Could you please also send a log after "No Valid Tracks" message appears? Thank you
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