General MMA questions (MMW user)

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General MMA questions (MMW user)

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Long-time user of MMW, and considering expanding use to MMA on a Samsung tablet. I'm not real savvy with with portable/apps stuff in general, I have some questions specifically about the MM app, after toying with the trial version for a few days:

- I found on another thread that MMA does not download podcasts, but have to download in MMW and sync to the tablet. Is this still true?
- How does a file come to be flagged or identified as a podcast, rather than a general music file? I downloaded a few sample podcasts from different sources, and some showed up in the podcast node, some did not.
- Does the app require Google play services? (I would like to disable everything "google" on the tablet).
- Does my license for the PC software extend to the app, or another license required?

Any info appreciated - thanks!
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Re: General MMA questions (MMW user)

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1) Yes, MMA can't download Podcasts at the moment
2) See: ... _Rules/4.0
3) I believe some of it does, not sure if it can run without (and it's only available through Google Play or the Amazon App store)
4) No, MMW and MMA are sold as separate products
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