Can't play FLAC Files

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Can't play FLAC Files

Post by wizzo-p »

Hi Everyone,
Just got mm pro on my vodafone smart platinum 7, and am trying to play FLAC and MP3 files.
MP3s play just fine, but when I try to play FLAC files, I just get 'Skipping inaccessible track' messages.
VLC plays the files, and when I cast to a Chromecast from mm, that works too.
Audiotester finds no problems with the files.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Can't play FLAC Files

Post by rivorson »

MMA doesn't have its own media renderer yet so it can only play files that Android can play natively. If you have MMW Gold then you can set it to autoconvert to a format that Android can play during sync.

VLC can play them because its main selling point has always been its vast array of built-in codecs for almost every file type. The Chromecast also has the codec built in.
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Re: Can't play FLAC Files

Post by Shalmaneser »

Followup question: I have MM PRO on my Android, am I wasting my time looking for autoconvert?
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Re: Can't play FLAC Files

Post by Lowlander »

Auto-Convert is in MMW in the Device Profile for the device.
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