Renamed sync-playlist issue

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Renamed sync-playlist issue

Post by mcow »

Back when I was running MMA on my old tablet, I had a top-level playlist called Tab with various sublists, some of which were selected for sync and some not.

Recently I decided this wasn't a good name and changed it to "Fon" (on MMW). As far as I can see, MMW properly updated all the internal references to this list. When I re-sync'd, everything behaved as I expected; tracks were added and deleted according to changes made to those sync'd playlists.

But the next time I sync'd, and every time since, I was/am prompted at the beginning of the operation to remove the Playlist called "Tab"; and looking at the Playlist node on MMA, Tab is the top level there. The sync'd sub-lists are all present as expected.

I'm hesitant to say Yes since I'm not sure if that will also delete all the tracks. I could rename the playlist under MMA, but will that break the sync database?
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Re: Renamed sync-playlist issue

Post by Peke »

Do You see top Fon playlist in MMA after sync?
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