Prevent library sync

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Prevent library sync

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Is it possible to prevent attempts to sync the library, and if so how? I regularly see a message that sync is being attempted, but (a) my library rarely changes, (b) MMW is usually not running, and (c) my library is not on the same wireless network that the phone usually uses. All that happens is that it reduces battery life a bit.
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Re: Prevent library sync

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MMA is not designed to do an Auto Sync, are you referring to USB Sync if Yes It can be disabled in MM hen phone is connected or Option s-> portable Devices and phone profile.

a) Not sure hat are you referring to, but if you refer to Searching notification it is MMA acting on system trigger that storage is changed/updated.

b) As said above MMA do not initiate Sync by itself

c) I checked on my phone that was on 30% at this moment and MMA took 0.1% of Battery by being active for 23 Min from last full charge and I used it today to play some music. Do you see higher values when you are not using MMA?
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