double titles in view but exist only once

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double titles in view but exist only once

Post by ihf »

Hi there

I've got the following problem. I put my music SD card in my new phone and installed MMA pro on the new phone. Now there are a lot of albums in which each title is shown double on the list. I searched my phone and found out, that these titles exist just once, also when I delete the files which are shown double on MMA (deleting in MMA: remove from device) every title gets deleted, not only one of those two.

I hope somebody understand my question.

thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: double titles in view but exist only once

Post by Peke »

Can you make screenshot?

Also It would be good that you send Debug log from above screenshot MMA view by ⋮ => About MediaMonkey -> Send logs (Write down ID here before sending) and then proceed with Track remove and then again Send new log. That way we would see what and why it happened.
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