FIIO X5 Gen3 App not adding both cards to library

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FIIO X5 Gen3 App not adding both cards to library

Post by eceglecki » Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:42 am

I have been using MMW for years to manage my music and to sync with my old FIIO X5 with 2 SD cards. I got the program to sync with both cards without a problem and I used the built in FIIO music player. I just upgraded to the X5 Gen3 which also has 2 SD slots and was excited to use MMA on the new player. The issue is that MMA will only add the songs from one card to the library. The built is FIIO player sees and uses both cards without an issue. How do I get MMA to recognize and use both cards? Is this a bug with the program? Does MMA need to be enhanced to recognize both cards? Both cards are Samsung U3 128GB with over 7500 songs on each card.


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Re: FIIO X5 Gen3 App not adding both cards to library

Post by Peke » Fri Sep 27, 2019 4:33 pm

I tested on My car headunit with Oreo when using Additional USB port for Flash drive and I can confirm, but that is known Android limitation that second external Storage is classified as OTG storage which is not covered by Google media Scanner and Storage contentchange events. I guess that you can easily use MMA Folders Browser to access second SDCard?
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