syncing Android phone

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syncing Android phone

Post by trumpetguyy »

Just downloaded MM to my Windows PC for the first time. Then installed the app on my Android phone. Tried to sync. It says everything is in sync, but there are no albums, tracks, genres, playlists, nothing.
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Re: syncing Android phone

Post by Peke »

After first sync, Open MediaMonkey on Windows, Go to Tools -> Options -> Portable Devices -> Locate your Device -> Configure and select what you would like to sync to that device. It is safety measure so that you do not sync non needed 30k+ of tracks to device. If you have initiated and set Sync from Android you have wizard that will make you to do step by step configuration what you will sync.

If you need more help please let us know.

I have done few test and reported it in so that we can tweak it, in order to make the process more clear.
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