Onkyo DPX1 Skipping Tracks Missing Codec

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Onkyo DPX1 Skipping Tracks Missing Codec

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Hello, Any help or guidance appreciated. I have an Onkyo DPX1 player that works fine with the included software at playing Apple Lossless Files transferred to it using the X-Dap Link software from my iTunes Library. I wanted to move to Media Monkey to manage and playback on both my windows machine and Onkyo device. Playback on the PC works fine with MMW but anything I sync to the DPX1 using Media Monkey for Android says "Skipping Track Missing Codec". I know the device itself plays the files and natively supports ALAC because it works fine when transferred using the X-DAP Link Software and native Onkyo App.

Any clues what to do to make this work? MM seems vastly better as a media manager and playback manager but does me no good if I cant get my files over and they actually play.

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Re: Onkyo DPX1 Skipping Tracks Missing Codec

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It is most likely that both those apps uses own custom codecs and not OS Codec that MMA uses. I guess that if you convert those ALAC files to FLAC they will work?

More info on https://developer.android.com/guide/top ... ia-formats and Unfortunately I do not see ALAC on the list
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