Audiobook sorting

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Audiobook sorting

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My dilemma: For years I've been using iTunes and an iPod classic to sort my 20,000+ track audio library. It includes 200 + audiobooks. When I found out about MediaMonkey I thought it might finally be a worthy successor to my venerable iPod classic. I mean, MediaMonkey has its own dedicated audiobook tab so I figured that would be great. My problem is that anything listed in the audiobook section is only listed by title and not sorted by author.

My question: I have way too many audiobooks to sort through them by title alone. Is there a way to sort audiobooks by "audiobooks>author>title>track"? All I had to do on my iPod was sort them by genre but the audiobook genre doesn't show up at all under music in MediaMonkey. I considered changing the genre but I'd really prefer to be able to keep my media under the audiobook button, I mean that's what it's there for. NOTE: I'm currently using the free version of MediaMonkey and if I need to pay and I will because I really want this to work.
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Re: Audiobook sorting

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No, MMA 2.0 will come with added sorting capabilities.
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