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Album art

Post by artisansdjj »

Have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S20Plus, installed Media Monkey Pro, after moving music from my computer (iPhone sync transfer didn't work) to my phone's music folder.

All the music is there in Media Monkey and plays, but something got weird with album art. At first, I noticed that all album covers were in my PHOTOS "Gallery" as individual albums, often with two copies of each cover. I put them ALL in a single Album Covers "group" (Using the Samsung Dex app) and now there is no cover art in Media Monkey.

How do I get this to work without cluttering up my photos galleries?

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Re: Album art

Post by Peke »

There is no way to move them into Single folder and keep them associated with tracks.

They are saved along Music tracks in same folder as track.

In future MMA versions we plan to support Album based and Track based (optional), but currently we are very limited on what Google Media scanner Support.
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