The only media app that won't scrobble.

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The only media app that won't scrobble.

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I've gone fairly in depth with MMA over the course of several devices and Android 9 and 10.

I use Pano Scrobbler, because it's a great little scrobbler with a dev who is really on top of things. If you've never used it, I encourage you to check it out. It keeps counts of how often tracks are scrobbled, which is a nice add on.

It works with Gonemad music player. It works with Google music. It's worked with other players I've had no my phone. MMA, however, simply will not scrobble. Period. I want to use it for playback, as the star ratings are something I absolutely love. Unfortunately, it requires that I scrobble by mic, which is also an option with Pano.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be the case? Pano detects media players and can pull from just about anything. It sees MMA, but MMA doesn't seem to see it. I used to have the problem of the now playing track showing up and disappearing, but now I'm not even getting that.

I'll take any suggestions. I just updated the app, and am wondering if I need to delete and reinstall it.

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Re: The only media app that won't scrobble.

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It's working for me with MMA. Do you have MMA show in notifications?
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