Organize Music on Android

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Organize Music on Android

Post by jgt1942 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:57 am

A dumb confused old (age-wise) user here..... On my Windows 10 PC I have MediaMonkey Gold, on my Samsung Note8 Phone I have MediaMonkey Pro. Both were installed 2+ years ago. On the PC I organized my music into one library with a folder for each album, everything (538GB) is stored at S:\Libraries\Music. Currently, I have very little music on my phone and it is at root > storage > 0000-0000 > media > audio (I have no idea why this is the location or what I did to get it there). To a large extent the I don't understand the storage structure in the Android system, this, of course, leads to a lot of confusion for me. I wanted to copy more, but not all, music from my PC to the phone. I could connect the phone to my PC USB port and just copy from the PC to the current location on the phone but I get the feeling this is not the best option. I'm open to suggestions. I made some attempts to learn but it is hard teaching an old dog new tricks. Is the current location on my phone the best location for the music? To me, it seems very hidden and wrong.

On the PC I find creating playlist super easy and have created about 75, on the phone so far I have found it impossible to create playlist. How in the heck do you create playlist on the phone? :o

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Re: Organize Music on Android

Post by Lowlander » Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:33 am

Playlist, start here: ... /Playlists

Storage generally doesn't matter, but if you use MMW to sync to MMA you can set how and where the files are stored on your device in the Device Profile: ... oid_device
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