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Move from Android 9 SD card to new phone with no SD card

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 12:42 pm
I do not synch stuff to the phone, as 130 GB does not synch to a 128 gb phone. For portable devices, I just send playlists over. I have a Media Monkey folder on my SD card with a xml, mmw and json file. My music files are under Music on the SD card, Playlists under playlists. I have a Media Monkey folder on the main drive for the phone with a DB, xml, mmw, sync_finished and a json file under files and an artwork directory with one png.

I think the path of least resistance to setting up my new phone is, 1) install regular monkey, 2) update to gold of whatever, 3) resend the 30 GB from MM windows to the phone. I guess it does not make any difference, whether I resend the 30GB over from MM, or copy the files from one device to the other, it is still 30GB. (I was really hoping to get a Google Fi supported phone that had an SD card, however, getting something new with an SD card has not worked out.

playlist m3u format is like this
../Music/Jimmy Cliff/Ultimate Collection- Jimmy Cliff/18 Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now.mp3

If anyone has some suggestions for me, please respond.