Welcome to the MediaMonkey 5 Developer Preview!

To discuss development of addons / skins / customization of MediaMonkey.

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Welcome to the MediaMonkey 5 Developer Preview!

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Over the past year, the MediaMonkey team has been hard at work on MediaMonkey 5, a complete overhaul of MediaMonkey with the goals of:
- support for different device form factors
- support for multiple operating systems
- increased responsiveness and scalability
- improved developer APIs

Although we're not quite ready to begin generalized beta testing, we're launching a Developer Preview to collect feedback on the scripting and skinning / UI customization framework and tune it as needed. The Developer Preview has bugs, isn't feature complete and many aspects of the product are likely to change. That said, the foundation is pretty solid, it's already possible to create great skins/UIs and scripts.

There's a MM5 Developer API document available that explains some technical details useful for scripts and skin developers.

At this moment we don't expect you to report every single bug you encounter. Certainly, in case of serious issues, like crashes right after start, let us know, please. We are much more interested in feedback regarding the scripting API, and missing functionality that would let you to create better scripts and skins.

You can find the latest version of MediaMonkey 5 here.

I hope that you'll enjoy MM5 and thank you for helping us make it better! ;-)