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new site info.

Post by rovingcowboy »

I just wanted to post this here.

this is a reply i got from rusty and it is a good way to let everyone know about the site. so here is the message.

  • Trust me---I'm half buried here trying to get the site up, 3.0.2 out the door, a new helpdesk, etc...

    Hopefully soon...


    On 1/16/2008 11:47 AM, rovingcowboy wrote:

    rusty i'm dyeing here, when is the new site going to be ready.
I hope this lets every one know how long it will be and how busy rusty is.

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Post by judas »

Thanks for posting rovingcowboy...nice to hear the dev's are really busy, that can only mean a better monkey, which is good to us users and to them!!!!

and rusty (and other dev's) as usual...if you need any help testing or anything, just let us know!
Cheers, judas
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