First look at Audiobooks

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First look at Audiobooks

Post by ChairPotato » Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:52 pm

Version Skin Material Design dark. Just installed, so first time

When I first clicked Audiobooks there was a sort order that I can't get back. I would really like to know how to.

There is an option to collapse at the end of a list, it is useful though being at the end is inconvenient because if forces me to scroll down 145 tracks to click collapse. Perhaps it doesn't look clean to use a row for the collapse option at the top of a list but maybe somewhere under the artwork.

Also after clicking collapse I'm instantly looking at what was around 140 rows down before the collapse (I think, it's disorienting) and have to scroll back up to find my place. I notice that as I'm scrolling down the list the summary stays visible on the top left until I click collapse. Could it be set to stay at the same place after clicking collapse?

Being audio books, bookmarks are necessary and they are functioning but there doesn't seem to be any method to help locate them. The only visual ques on the list is that the text of the current track I'm playing is orange instead of white and there is a background highlight on the track selected.

Is it possible to collapse all tracks (beyond the album art) except those that have a bookmark, or that haven't been listened to yet, and could those that have a bookmark be a different color as well? Something like Netflix that shows a red underline indicating the percentage complete which could be applied to the title of the track. I can't even see if the track has a bookmark until after I start playing it and it resumes from the bookmark.

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Re: First look at Audiobooks

Post by PetrCBR » Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:04 am

I think you meant 'List (by Album)' view ?

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Re: First look at Audiobooks

Post by Ludek » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:32 am

I see the bookmark indicator correctly for each audiobook file (both in Playing right panel and also in the Audiobooks), see: ... 8.png?dl=0

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