Test started

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Test started

Post by deremder »


I downloaded the current preview. It looks good, it seems to have all important features and it works quite stable (not ad all, but it's goog for a beta version). It seems to be much more extensible, I found google play and many good redable JS (and hope there comes a Oobuz plugin some day). I think I start to play around with plugins and themes the next time. And great news that MM becomes cross-plattform!

The usability is a bit different in some places, but not that much not to find what to do.

Some short first notice:

Mediamonkey Portable Mode
Windows 10

- Copy from portable MM4 not made after question "Do you whant to copy ..."
- Created a copy of current MM.db in MM5 and replaced it with MM.db from MM4.
- After the start the DB has been updated.



- No configuration required. It plays with default audio output.

Output Plugins:

Switching to WASAPI output
- While playing: does not work.
- No playing: works,

Configuration in WASAPI output
- Removing crossfade: works
- Klicking on [Advanced]: does nothing.
- Trying to switch again to another output plugin: error (sent by MM).

"All Track" view:
- Unable to adjust column width in simle view
- Adjuste column width: works

I'm missing reports. Didn't I found them? It's not important, but I like to playaround with it :-)
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Re: Test started

Post by jiri »

Thanks! We'll look particularly at the WASAPI configuration.

We didn't work on reports yet, I guess that we'd leave them as an Addon, but haven't decided yet.

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