Erratic behaviour with GPM [#15139]

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Erratic behaviour with GPM [#15139]

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A couple of issues I noticed when synchronizing to GPM. To be honest these might be considered "don't do that" kind of behaviour but probably still bugs anyway:

1) Was syncing a playlist to GPM. In the middle of it I changed skin and when the skin took effect and restarted MM, the GPM uploading circular arrow had gone. It looks like changing skin during upload can have the effect of stopping the sync. As I say, probably something I shouldn't be doing - if you're in the middle of uploading I guess I should leave it to do its thing and not touch MM but maybe could be handled more gracefully? (some kind of warning that syncing will be stopped if skin is changed?)

2) A similar issue with syncing a GPM playlist. I forgot I was syncing a playlist to GPM and quit MM. When I tried to restart MM an error appeared (sorry, didn't note it down) and crashed the program. On another occasion I quit while it was syncing to GPM and when I restarted it got stuck in a loop saying "Your library is being upgraded to the latest version. It can take up to several minutes" but it never finished and got stuck in this loop. After quitting I got this error:

Couldn't restart MM after that, it just hung. Had to reboot PC.
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Re: Erratic behaviour with GPM

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Thanks for reporting,
to be fixed as
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