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2181 - fieldname:xxxx syntax for scroll mode searching

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:32 pm
by Barry4679
Thanks for enabling the fieldname:xxxx syntax for scroll mode searching. I think that this addition is a powerful and welcome addition to MM5 navigation.

There are a couple of issues:

1. There is no tool tip, describing|advertising availability of this syntax, in the context search entry control when in scroll mode.

2. See this situation ... l.png?dl=0
I am in scroll mode for search. I did a contextual search using "artist:cap" ... and then I clicked the rhs looking glass twice (nb. why does it take two clicks?) to start a global search ... and then changed my mind, so I clicked the rhs looking glass again to close it (without making a global search) ... and I clicked the grid again .... what happened the entry control, for my original search string, has changed from a "entry" to a "label" control, so I can't alter it ... if I start a new contextual search, it no longer understands the fieldname:xxx syntax

3. I am still in search scroll mode. Why can't I use the fieldname:xxxx syntax when search in Art|Grid view? ... This seems a disappointing and confusing limitation. .... ps. this also applies when search in filter mode ... this restriction is unexpected, and will make the MM5 UI less easy to learn ... n.png?dl=0

4. I tried a contextual scroll for "bpm:4" ... each Ctrl+down navigates to a fresh track, but none of them have BPM = 4 ... what is happening there? ... it seems to be doing a an all-fields scroll on 4

5. In scroll mode. Alternating between ctrl+down and the down arrow in the contextual search box, breaks ctrl+down ... do a contextual search like album:moon ... ctrl+down scrolls as expected ... then use the down arrow in the contextual search box ... scrolls as expected ... then use ctrl+down again ... no response ... click the list (grumble.. I shouldn't have to do this, should I?) ... now that context is back in the list, use ctrl+down again ... it scrolls to every row ... ie. it is ignoring by active contextual search criteria

Related observation.

6. the drop down icon for the contextual search menu can go AWOL if the MM window size is reduced ... l.png?dl=0