localRequirejs tries to load incorrect path

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localRequirejs tries to load incorrect path

Post by TIV73 »

I recently added a configuration screen to an extension, the (simplified) layout looks like this:

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myAddon = {
  someFunction: function(){
	alert('some function')


	"config": "config.js",



window.configInfo = {
	load: function(panel, addon){
        panel.innerHTML = [some html code];
If I now go to Toos > Extensions and open the configuration menu for the extension, I get a file not found exception for myAddon/myAddon.js, because localRequirejs points to the wrong folder.
Checking the function, it looks like localRequirejs internally calls requirejs with the __scriptName parameter (among others).

I updated the load function to do the following:

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load: function(panel, addon){
	console.log("__scriptName:"+ __scriptName)
Which gave me the following output:


__scriptName returns a completely different addon. When calling __scriptName from other locations, e.g. the directly in the script file, it works fine. It seems like this only happens when the variable is accessed from a context that's not the main window.

Now, I'm not sure if I'm even supposed to use localRequirejs instead of requirejs with an explicit path here, the behavior just seems weird.

I did some more testing and found the following
  • If I remove all scripts but the one with the config.js file everything works fine. Which can probably be expected because there is no other extension that could provide a wrong path.
  • The exception doesn't occur if there are only few extensions, but it happens eventually if I gradually add more extensions.
  • __scriptName will always provide the same (wrong) addon if the same addons are loaded, but it's not related to one specific addon e.g. if __scriptName returns extension A once, it will always return that specific extension. If I delete extension A, __scriptName will return another (seemingly) random extension - but it will always return that same other extension. What I'm trying to say is that the loaded extension is, while incorrect, still deterministic, not completely random.
  • I made sure to also test this for addons that are included by default, not the ones I wrote. The result remains the same.
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Re: localRequirejs tries to load incorrect path

Post by PetrCBR »

I think it's problem with opening configuration of the addon (__scriptName wasn't set properly) ... will check it out.

EDIT: will be fixed in next build
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