problems with the "Auto-Tag.." facility [#15736]

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problems with the "Auto-Tag.." facility [#15736]

Post by Barry4679 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:07 am

"AutoTag..." has quite a lot of problems.

Starting from EntireLibrary>Albums>xxalbumNameXX .. using "Autotag.." from the context menu

1. If a column width is not large enough to display the whole tag, and the cell has a mismatch, I can hover over the cell to see the explanatory conflict tool tip ... good

But if the column is wide enough, then I only get the tool tip if I hover exactly over the ! mark ... this is not good, it is hard to discover how to trigger the tool tip ... btw, in the other case I was seeing the tool tip even though the cell was too small to see the ! mark.

2. I select a single track, and then use the the context menu to take option Autotag ... I can see that the date cell is hi-lite with an !, and an explanatory conflict tool tip ... all good

But if I close the Auto-tag dbox, and then select two tracks and go back into AutoTag, it has screwed up the track numbers, and thinks that they are in conflict also ... and although the Date column cells are still hi-lite, they do not have the ! mark anymore, so no explanatory conflict tool-tip is available due to the other bug ... s.png?dl=0

3. A serious bug that I reported earlier is till there ... it is very disruptive
Maybe you could not reproduce the bug? Here are the steps:
  • open Notepad, or some other application
  • open MM5 ... go to the Auto-tag dbox
  • click on the main MM5 window
  • click on the auto-tag dbox again
  • click on the Notepad window
  • click on the auto-tag dbox again
MM5 goes into a loop quickly flashing between the main MM5 window and the Auto-tag dbox ... it is using CPU at around 40% ... can't close MM5, and is hard to terminate it using the Task Manager, because the MM5 loop keeps ceasing control

If I wait long enough there is an opportunity to send you a dump; D129B0EA and C4E94AF5.

4. Once MM5 screwed up passing the tags to auto-tag .... ie. it passed track title as Album name .... nb. I have seen this bug during GPM download also ... ie. track downloaded, but track name in the album tag ... infrequent .. intermittent ... e.png?dl=0

5. What is the Year? tag ... I can include it into autotag comparison via Tools|Options|Library|Metadata ... p.png?dl=0

It shows as a mismatch, but has no !, and therefore no conflict tool tip to explain.
I cannot find the tag in the Track Properties Inspector.

Is it a real tag, or just a sub-string from the Date tag? ... If so, and is not an independent tag, should it be in the limited list of fields that I can add into autotag via the menu item mentioned above? ... it appears to be just a opportunity for customer confusion, and adds nothing because it is already covered by the Date tag ... if it remains, it should get an explanatory conflict tool tip

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Re: problems with the "Auto-Tag.." facility

Post by PetrCBR » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:15 am

Thanks for a feedback. Will check.

re 3) it will be fixed in next build (tracked as 15736).

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