2186 - Search|Filter feedback

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2186 - Search|Filter feedback

Post by Barry4679 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:03 am

type a contextual search string
#1. UI now shows two funnels ?
#2. use search dropdown menu ... go to Advanced Search (nb> there is only 1 funnel now) ... breadcrumb and tab heading titles contain duplication

Start a contextual search
Use search dropdown menu to switch to Search Whole Library
#3. use the dropdown menu in whole library location ... it does not offer to return to contextual search .... you can return via the Esc key, but the wrong option is offered in this dropdown menu

close any searches
#4. Use the Funnel icon to "view filter" ... cannot return from this via the Esc key ... ie. inconsistent with everything else in this area of MM5

Advanced Search
#5. The heading is not updated if you change search criteria ... ends up looking stupid

Search tips dbox needs improvement.

#6. ... using Foo Bar for all your examples is not a good idea IMO ... are you expecting that MM5 clientele will be restricted to just Computer Programmers? ... I think that it makes generally confusing, what should be helpful documentation ... and it looks really lame IMO

Suggest you use some music related two word example, eg. Pink Floyd

foo | finds words beginning with foo (e.g. Bar Food or foObar )
+Foo | finds words beginning with Foo (case-sensitive, e.g. Football)
"Foo" | finds whole words (e.g. FOO or foo)
#7. does a poor job of explaining last item ... suggest "pin" | finds whole words (e.g. Pin, but not Pink)"

fieldname:foo | restricts search to a specific field. For example:
artistfoo | finds words beginning with foo (in Artist) e.g. Bar Food or föObar
yearX..Y | finds matches in range X to Y
rating: X. | finds matches wth X stars or more
#8. I am confused about Year:X..Y ... the example makes it look like there is no space between X.. and Y ... but one seems to be required (?) .. and when used the space, the query returns what appears to be invalid results (eg. looks for matches outside the the Date tag)

#8. Suggest you also include an example for the Album Artist tag ... to clear up any doubt about how to handle the blank space between Album & Artist ... I know that you handle it with, or without, the space (which is good :) ) ... but it would be good to reduce anxiety levels by by giving an example