MM5 Windows Skips Forward

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MM5 Windows Skips Forward

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In trying to debug a "chirp" that occurs in any MP3 (not WMAs) cast from MM for Android to my Grace Digital Primo device, Pavle asked me to try casting and MP3 to the same device from MM5 for Windows. In testing this, I discovered that, while the "chirping" does not occur when casting from MM5 for Windows, MM5 will only play a few seconds of each MP3 song in the playlist. Then MM5 Windows skip forward to the next song in the list. I've captured the debug log, and it does appear to show that some issues between MM5 and the Grace Digital Primo. I'm sending the log file as per instructions, here: ... ?f=21&t=69. Pavle asked that I open a ticket here, to get the MM5-to-Primo bug resolved, while he continues to look at the original problem with MM for Android.

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Re: MM5 Windows Skips Forward

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Thanks for the feedback. Can you clarify though: where is the debug log that you generated with MM5? If you opened a ticket, can you indicate the Ticket ID?


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