2219 - UI is better, but still should be improved

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2219 - UI is better, but still should be improved

Post by Barry4679 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:24 am

I like the recent changes to the UI, but there is still room for improvement IMO.
I think that these suggestions will improve discoverability.

#1. The "Top Panel", and the Column Filter control.

A control labelled "Top Panel" is prominent in the UI in a couple of places.
By default, the "top panel" has no contents. ... I can toggle it on, but nothing appears to happen (because it is empty) ... the feature looks to be broken.

The Column Browser sits at the top ... it looks exactly like other "panels" ... I would have bet the contents of my wallet, that this was the "top panel" that you refer to .... the UI has no indication that this not a "panel" at all, ie. is just a "sub-panel".

This creates much confusion in the UI ... here I have the "Top Panel" toggled off, but it looks as if MM5 is broken, because it still seems as if there is a top panel visible.

Additional to this, if I came here to disable the Column Browser, it is hard to understand how to toggle off this apparent panel, because the checkbox seems to either be missing, or in the case illustrated, seems to be broken.

  • either add a checkbox for the Column Browser, at that top part of the View menu .... I do know that you have the option I want, hidden away inside the "Main Panel View" sub-menu, but I don't think that it is clear that the Column Browser is a junior part of the Main Panel View"
    • and btw the term "View" has a specific meaning in MM5 ... "Main Panel View" sounds like this is restricted to do something with the View mode being used in the main panel ... suggest you change this to be like you did with the Party Mode option in the same menu, just say "Main Panel", and show the cog icon
  • or make the Column Browser look less like a panel

#2. "Main panel (bottom)"

Kudos to anyone who can read see this, and who will understand what you mean by "Main Panel (bottom)". ... I confidently predict that there will be nobody, because:
  • by default, there is nothing at the "bottom" of the Main panel, so it is usually invisible, and is therefore unknown
  • is likely that the assumption will be that you refer to the main panel itself, because main panel (top) must refer to the Column Browser panel
It only becomes clear once someone experiments (a lot) with the UI, and finally sees that the Player panel can be dragged to the Main panel, and that, in this situation, it occupies just the bottom

  • change the name to Main Panel (footer), and add a Tooltip to its checkbox, explaining that it is for use when the Player panel is dragged into the Main panel

#3. Toolbar controls with right click options.

There are 13, or more, icons which can appear in the toolbar ... Most have no right click menu option. But 3 of them do, but there is nothing to indicate this.

  • The Contextual filter options are accessed via a dropdown menu control, but I am supposed to guess that you have flip flopped how you designed the UI, and that the Global Filter control uses an (unexpected) right click context menu. ... You should be obvious and consistent, ie. dropdown menu controls for both
  • I have been working with MM5, fairly extensively, for more than a year now. ... Today is the first time that I noticed that the back and foward buttons also have a context menu, and I only discovered this because I was trying to fact check that is was only the Global Search icon with a context menu .... This is great functionality, but it is lost if it is not discovered ... suggestion: change the cursor pointer for these controls, and explain in the tooltip, or add a dropdown menu icon, like there was in MM4, and is already in the MM5 toolbar, for this kind of situation

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Re: 2219 - UI is better, but still should be improved

Post by Peke » Wed Jan 29, 2020 8:57 pm

Suggestion of dropdown added as https://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=16319
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