Converting FLAC & WAV to MP3 320

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Converting FLAC & WAV to MP3 320

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Converting 15 FLAC and 1 WAV encoded music files to an MP3 (320kbps) files via using the, Send to - convert - convert file replacing the originals, option (created an error system lockup/failure...
MM5 stopped and hung at 11 FLAC files completed - whilst writing tags..
I tried to report the error by the published instructions. However, the logs did not appear in the directories that should have ie EurekaLog
The log report ID was 7F5F0000 - picture in google drive
MM5 locked up, the only way to recover was to ALT CNT DEL - end Task and re start MM5
On restart MM5 showed all the FLAC converted but not the WAV file
Checking the folder that the files were in - there was a converted MP3 file of the WAV file and the original Wav was not deleted and was also in the folder. ... sp=sharing
Re converting the WAV file individually successfully converted it to MP3 and deleted the WAV from the folder!
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Re: Converting FLAC & WAV to MP3 320

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Thanks. Should be fixed in the next release.
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