Biography / Artist Description panel - feedback/request

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Biography / Artist Description panel - feedback/request

Post by BramKa »

Hi Team,

Just installed MediaMonkey 5 for the first time on my Win10 PC, running fine. I have been using MM4 for many years now.

Just freshly started to use this so excuse me if I am missing any tricks.. just like to ask for the following:

I used to use MonkeyRok in MM4 with tabs, defaulting on "Biography". Occasionally I'd then click on the 2nd "Lyrics" tab. This was esthetically perfect for me (at least until the image of the biography in Monkeyrok stopped working).

1. Can we bring this Biography/Artist Description or even that full artist pane to the "Preview" Panel as seperate option like we the one for "Lyrics" ? It's quite a hassle to navigate to the biography of an artist of a song that is playing, I'd like to have this in a pane permanently on the top right above the album art.
2. A bonus would be if we could see the image from Wikipedia of the Artist, I see this is not appearing even though many artist pages have a (seemingly) standard image.
3. I'd then like to have a oneclicker to see the Lyrics or hide them. The Layout options on this right pane could be brought in view permanently so we can move up down/show/hide at will. Right now it seems I have to right-click, browse through options before I can hide/show this.
4. Review pane: On display option "Basis" the lyrics run over my Album Art, that is then graying out on the background. Would prefer when selecting this option to have a clean split, album art remaining on the front and scroll option for lyrics if a lot of text. Perhaps this Album Art going to the background dissapearing behing lyrics can somehow be kept optional but I personally dont like it.

I have now opted for Album Art only at the bottom-right, and above that the seperate Lyrics pane. Already quite good looking..

just one other thing I'd like have a "Glided" skin (ok maybe I'm old-fashioned..), I've always liked the colours.

Thanks in advance for your feedback,