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MM5 Codec Pack

Post by alvarezernjr »

I recently purchased a gold license and bought the codec pack. Got confused because the post with the link to get the MM5 beta said the codec pack was for MM5 only, but the one I purchased seems to be only for MM4.

The one that's linked to in the MM5 Beta page is a trial only. Is there a link to get the full non-trial version of the codec pack for MM5?

Also, any info on refunding the MM4 pack would be appreciated, but that's approaching an unrelated topic so I understand if I can't get that here.
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Re: MM5 Codec Pack

Post by rusty »

As with users who've purchased MM4 Gold within the past year, we'll be sending updates via email as soon as MM5 is released. Please open a helpdesk ticket to get this resolved right away.


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Re: MM5 Codec Pack

Post by rockadile »

So, with respect to the Codec Pack, if we bought it for MM4, we need to buy it again for MM5?
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Re: MM5 Codec Pack

Post by Peke »

Same suggestion Rusty posted at viewtopic.php?p=477605#p477605 is valid for codec pack. So please send us Sales Support ticket with you purchase info and we will handle it ASAP.
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Re: MM5 Codec Pack Version

Post by dypsis »

I just noticed that MM5 Codec Pack is up to version 3.0.6, but in the MM5 Addons section, it is only version 3.0.5.

By the way. Something mildly irks me about the Codec Pack distribution after you've purchased it. You get a limited time to download the full version, than any subsequent versions, you have to install the trial over the top. Normally that is OK, but if you are performing a clean installation, you have go and dig up your old full version and install that first before installing the current trial version over the top.
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Re: MM5 Codec Pack

Post by Lowlander »

3.0.6 is in testing alongside MediaMonkey 5.0.2.
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Re: MM5 Codec Pack

Post by dypsis »

Lowlander wrote: Wed Nov 03, 2021 10:16 pm 3.0.6 is in testing alongside MediaMonkey 5.0.2.
OK. I wondered why I had v3.0.6. 👍
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