Autotagging problem

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Autotagging problem

Post by EkkiP »

Hi folks,

the autotagging function in MM5 runs very slow (lasts up to 15 Minutes for an album or no results) when tagging Mp3s (build 2338, Gold, Lifetime licence). If I use the function in MM4, however, the data is quickly found. Datasource is completely (Musicbrainz or FreeDB) insignificant.
Are there any fixes already? Only my problem?
Thank you for your help.

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Re: Autotagging problem

Post by Lowlander »

Just checked (on 2401) and it took less than a minute on an album. Try again at different times to see if this is consistently reproducible for you or just a temporary issue.
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Re: Autotagging problem

Post by rusty »

fyi, there was a problem with the server last night so that may have been the cause.

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