can't find metadata

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Easy Runnin
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can't find metadata

Post by Easy Runnin »

Please help

When I select Rip Audio CD, MM5 doesn't find the metadata. If I select Lookup Audio CD Metadata, I get a message "The media for freedb query is unavailable".

How do I fix this?

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Re: can't find metadata

Post by Lowlander »

Have you tried using MusicBrainz as source instead: ... nformation
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Re: can't find metadata

Post by yarguy »

freedb is unavailable because freedb closed down over a year ago. There seems to be an attempt to keep it alive at gnudb but it I am not sure how well that is working out or if any music players are using it (none that I use seem to be). As lowlander suggests, musicbrainz is an alternative but it is missing a fair number of albums. Discogs is more comprehensive than musicbrainz. Both, however, are inconsistent from album to album on the amount of detail available.
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Re: can't find metadata

Post by Ludek » is no longer availbale, but MediaMonkey utilizes own freedb server at

Check your freedb settings in Options > Metadata lookup: ... 1.png?dl=0

Is there?

Note that even if you select MusicBrainz with server then there is a fallback to freedb whenever the CD isn't found in the MusicBrainz database.
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Re: can't find metadata

Post by Bullit420 »

If "" is not an available choice, is there a way to manually add the entry?
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Re: can't find metadata

Post by Peke »

Ye, Select FreeDB (http) and in server enter ""
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