Export Playlist to an ISO

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Export Playlist to an ISO

Post by Slwro_child »

hey guys, would it be possible to have an option to export data as an image? For instance, instead of burning a DVD/CD with Media Monkey, have it create an image that I can then burn with Nero or whatever I choose? I love the way MM gives the options to organize all the files on the CDs and create m3u, but sometimes I don't always get successful burns.
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Post by Peke »

Check My FAN page and Virtual Recording CD v1.1 It do what you want.

Not tested on MM 3.0 Alpha.
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Re: Export Playlist to an ISO

Post by RobinGB »

The link isn't working, anyone else know how I can create an iso of a music CD in MM. I run MM in a virtual PC which doesn't support CD/DVD-RW drives, hence I need MM to create an ISO and then I can create my CD outside of VPC.
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