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Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:04 pm
by chrisjj
So Dave you're suggesting:

Count track as played after [X] [....]% or [X] [....] seconds of play

(where [X] is a checkbox)


Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 10:21 pm
by ninerays
Just a suggestion:-
How about having the played field have decimals? eg Played 8.4 times etc.
This would work well with podcasts where you could see how much of one you have actually listened to.

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:46 pm
by DaledeSilva(notloggedin)
decimals is a really interesting idea and I didn't even think of it...

but then you have the problem of.. if users play a track halfway through twice... does that really count as 1?

not sure of the answer.. but interesting suggestion.

If you keep skipping a song right at the start.. it will keep registering a fraction and eventually get a playcount.. even though, technically, you've always skipped it.


Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 5:11 pm
by Tylast
Did this ever get sorted out?

I agree Totally, And I Don't

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 1:53 pm
by Volition
This Feature is needed desperatly, I concur re podcasts. Or let me just manually edit the played #.

Either way everyones Percentage, will be different. However i'd like to choose mine.

As i would be after say 40%. And others would like different figures. Though to have it at 100% and that is it won't work for everybody.

Pls Pls Developers. Or when the db is settled, we could write scripts.

Product still looking good. Cant wait for it all to be totally settled.

play counter logic

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 2:31 pm
by rusty

This was changed so that it advances after track is fully played.

This may not be perfect for everyone, but we're really focusing on stabilization at this stage...

Re. podcasts, bookmarking is supported per podcast so you can see exactly where you are on any given podcast. But I agree with this idea--adding to the todo list (post 3.0).


Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 12:10 pm
by Tylast
OK, we're at Beta 2. MM3 is working with NO real issues for me now...just a reminder about this feature. :wink:

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:19 pm
by Big_Berny
Yeah, would be great if that could be changed. Also the solution of MM2 was better IMHO.

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 4:20 pm
by caasland
I would like the ability to consider a track 'played' once it has been synchronized.

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 3:42 pm
by emalvick
Big_Berny wrote:Yeah, would be great if that could be changed. Also the solution of MM2 was better IMHO.
I have to agree here. I'd like things to change a bit too. Ideally, an option would allow a user to determine whether a track must finish or not and what percentage qualifies as "played".

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 4:51 pm
by martialartsguy
I'll also vote for user-controlled times to apply to tracks (no matter what they are - 50% or 100%). I'm another user who doesn't listen to the entire track every time - I definitely liked MM2 better for this.

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:31 pm
by djkor
50% OR 4:00 - i think this is best way for regular tracks, like in counter (audioscrobbler).

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 11:49 pm
by metalgorilla
Add another vote for user configurable option to define what constitutes "played." A percentage slider or something similar makes sense to me.

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 12:43 pm
by Tylast
Glad I'm not the only one. 8)

Re: MM3 - 2680 Fixed playcount algorithm

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:07 am
by Tylast
OK, so is this dead?