complete albums

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complete albums

Post by sn0skier » Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:03 am

I was wondering if there was a feature that could check and see if all my albums are complete. I have a 1000+ album collection, of which almost every album is complete (I think). But I have come across some while browsing that are missing a track here and there. I am wondering if there is a script that will look at the last track number on an album and then check and see if there are that many files in the album on my computer. for example, the album:aaaaa by XXXXXX has 12 songs on it, so the last track is track 12. The script would recognize this and then check wether or not I actually have 12 songs whose album is XXXXXX. If it doesn't it would let me know (and hopefully let me know what track #s are missing). It might also work if the script syncs with a website like allmusic and can look up every album and make sure that every song is in it, but this might be too complicated/clumsy, but this way if a cd had 19 tracks and I only had 1-18 then I would know, where as with the other idea, I wouldn't.
If neither of these do exist, how hard of a script would this be to write for a first timer, and where can I look for instructions/help in writing it?

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Post by mattisse » Mon Apr 23, 2007 7:12 am

Hi snoskier,

there a several scripts who help you to indentify missing tracks.
The Tag inconsistencies scripty by Bex does this for example.

There are also 2 small scripts to list complete and incomplete albums.

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