Convert MP4 video podcasts

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Convert MP4 video podcasts

Post by GlennFed » Sun May 06, 2007 5:57 am

Will there be a possibility in MM Gold to let it convert MP4 Video podcasts to avi (xvid) files? My player can't play MP4, just divx/xvid.
At the moment you can just convert mp4 audio, am I right?

Thanks! :)


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Post by Blake » Sun May 06, 2007 6:01 am


Your Welcome

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Post by charlieMOGUL » Sun May 06, 2007 6:02 am


When you're interested in transcoding video files, take a look at MediaCoder (
It's open source, free, and does an extremely well job of converting video files to and from various (iPod-compatible) fomats.

Good luck,


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Post by GlennFed » Sun May 06, 2007 2:30 pm

Thanks :(
But I'll try MediaCoder! :)

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MP4 to MP3 Converter

Post by Alice_zhong » Mon May 14, 2007 8:37 pm

MP4 to MP3 Converter
MP4 to MP3 Converter is designed to convert MP4 to MP3, it can also convert most popular video formats to MP3. Supported video formats include AVI Video (*.avi), MPEG Video (*.MPEG, *.MPG, *.MP4, *.M1V, *.M2V, *.M1P), DVD Video (*.VOB). ... verter.htm


Post by Guest » Thu May 17, 2007 5:26 am

Thanks, but MP4 to MP3 is also supported by MM.
My problem was Video MP4 to Avi... :-?

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Post by Ztontix » Tue Jun 19, 2007 5:59 am

Probably you can try for it VidLogo by geovid for converting your mp4 to avi. I converted my mp4 to avi with this software and with codecs special for mp4 and it works very fine for me.

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