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Post by jiri »

You may try AdaptX plug-in (from for usage of DirectX plug-ins in MediaMonkey. I haven't tried it, but it should work fine. The only drawback is that the plug-in isn't free.


Wish: Export with all the data (backup)

Post by gjufer »

I'm using MM2.1 and I have quite a big collection. I would like to have a extended export functionality with all additionaly tags (rating, tempo, ....);
In a case of restoring the backuped data, I don't have to stick on the same drive... :-)


Wish: Support for Roxio

Post by kmoore »

Hi. I would like to see MM support burning via Roxio Easy CD Creator. Nero refuses to work much too often!
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freedb info not imported for french songs

Post by gofgof »

When I download the info from freedb and the current album is in French with songs title containing letters like à é è, the name of the song does not appear and I've got to re-type it mannualy.
Is there a problem with MM or with my config ?

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Post by stutes »

My biggest wishes:

1. ability to burn MP3/data CDs/DVDs. Failing this, then the ability to drag and drop from MM into Nero. (I'm able to do this with images in my Thumbsplus database, be nice to do it with MM too)
2. a quick way to assign songs to specific playlists, along the lines of how Imatch categorizes images.

Post by daveydi »

Add field for composer to tracklistings or node in explorer


Post by SecondToughest »

Support for MP3, MPC, etc track play (and maybe file splitting) based on cue sheets.

Post by b0b0b0b-guest »

-can mediamonkey be made to take up less memory? it uses about 37M of physical memory for me, even when minimized. win xp

ui suggestions--

-more of a sleep after keypresses in the search toolbar box because searches for me take a long time (big mdb, on network drive). so I can finish my term before it starts searching.
-when searching, I think it may do nothing in the ui *during* the search, but after the search I think is when it updates the "reading tracks" status bar. Could there be an hourglass or something?
-can an option be added to "lock" toolbars?

Post by b0b0b0b-guest »

Something I would like to be able to do is to right click a song in monkey and enqueue it to my external winamp.

I like jumping around my collection a lot, picking up songs here & there, rather than building a playlist and playing that.

Thanks again,
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Post by Lowlander »

That is where play now/next/last are for. That should work with WinAmp.
Lowlander (MediaMonkey user since 2003)

Post by b0b0b0b-guest »

coooooooool. thanks so much.

I would have understood "enqueue" vs "play last" better, but either way, :D :D :D

Post by xman2003 »

My wishes:

- drag and drop from windows explorer into MM playlist

- party mode with many features:
- add songs from specified folder(s) >or< from the whole libary
- no hot keys (alt+strg+entf, ...) and
- no ability to close or minimize party mode window
- ability to only add songs (not edit or empty playlist)
- no changes of any settings like volume or shuffle or something else
- unlock partymode by entering password
- perhaps skins or so
I think that I forgot somethings....but these are some wishes that are important for me :)
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Post by pah68 »

I'm with you. :wink:

I've been hanging for tagged album cover support since early versions of Songs DB, is this ever going to be implemented? I'd also love to see a lockable kiosk mode to stop people messing with the database, something that looked like a jukebox and allowed browsing of cover art.

[b]Player Toolbar[/b]

Post by Robbo123 »

zyb wrote:* I would appreciate a full set of Player functions in a toolbar instead of the awkward Player, which I came to dispise for its bloatedness and the ever moving equalizer bars. In addition to the existing playlist control bar I'd need a display of time and optionally time remaining, a "scrollbar" for the playing song and possibly a volume and balance control. That should fit in a toolbar, I think. ;)
I totally agree. It's my biggest wish to play audio files without the Player. Just open any folder in "My computer", select a file, and click on a Play button in a Player Toolbar.

It's like playing a music file (or all music files in a folder) directly from Windows Explorer (without a playlist). :D An example of this idea is the "1by1 Player" by Martin Pesch. See

What items do I think should be in the Player Toolbar?
(A) The following items from the "Play" menu of MediaMonkey:
--- Play/Pause
--- Stop
--- Preveous
--- Next
--- Shuffle
--- Continuous
(Perhaps it's better to have a separate 'button' for Play and Pause, and to order these buttons as in the Player.)
(B) The following extra items:
--- A track position slider
--- A volume slider
--- A display of time (switchable to remaining time)
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Re: [b]Player Toolbar[/b]

Post by ninerays »

A display of time (switchable to remaining time)

This would be a great feature as it is far more useful to know how much time is left to go than how much time has passed.
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