Freedb-upload [#3050]

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Freedb-upload [#3050]

Post by ChrisK » Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:16 pm


by now I'm organizing my CDs with MM. After receiving freedb-results I'm correcting them (there a lot of german or compiled cds with errors on freedb). To help freedb (I'm getting some infos from them - so why not sharing my infos???) now I have to open another progam (e.g. Audiograbber), receive freedb-data again (for getting a version-tag), edit them again and do a upload afterwards.

Concluding: not userfriendly at all...

Freedb as open db depends on our help - please open an easy way to help.


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Post by Lowlander » Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:24 pm

This has been requested. We'll have to see when this will be included in MM.
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submit freedb info (contribute)

Post by legume » Fri Sep 17, 2004 11:49 am

can you confirm the latest release (mm 2.2.2) does NOT support freedb-submission?

i feel obliged not only to profit from the freedb-project but also to contribute! (i.e. submit new or updated/fixed cd-info)

thx, legume

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Post by Lowlander » Sat Sep 18, 2004 10:33 am

Nop the latest release does not include freeDB upload capability.
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Post by Fab » Mon Sep 27, 2004 4:50 pm

I also wish to fairly participate in FreeDB by uploading my corrections.

Thanks :)


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freedb upload

Post by A noni mouse » Wed Oct 06, 2004 3:55 am

Just another satisfied user who'd love to contribute to freedb. After all if I've done it for myself I might as well help others.

Is this now on a wishlist for a future version?

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Post by jiri » Wed Oct 06, 2004 4:25 am

This has been on the wishlist for quite a long time and we really hope to implement it soon - there just always were more important topics to solve...


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Post by Lowlander » Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:37 am

This is on the wishlist, which lists most wishes posted by users. The list in no way represents will be included in the next version or even any future edition. Its just what individual users have requested before.
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Re: Freedb-upload [#3050]

Post by Lowlander » Sun Oct 03, 2010 5:35 pm

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Re: Freedb-upload [#3050]

Post by Audience » Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:39 am

Just another User of MediaMonkey that likes to show his interest in submitting all his CD's information to freedb! I find it a highly valuable feature since it makes tools like MM even more helpful and versatile for the audio-loving community!

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Re: Freedb-upload [#3050]

Post by ZenGeekDad » Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:18 pm

One application that can upload to Freedb is Cowon's JetAudio.

Here is Freedb's full list of applications that can do this: ... ons.9.html

I bought Media Monkey because it is a vastly superior music organizer. So it's a nuisance to have to revert to JetAudio in order to rip CDs in a way that allows me to upload my manually-entered track data to freedb.

MM user requests for upload ability to freedb go back at least 7 years, so I'm not holding my breath for it any time soon. (Overall, this seems a quirky company: brilliant with the design of their core package, but extremely unable to respond to user suggestions and bug reports. Oh well, count our blessings, I guess.)

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Re: Freedb-upload [#3050]

Post by MHartfield » Sat Jul 25, 2015 3:38 pm

Not to bump this thread, but... this is something I'd also like to see. If it was in the paid version, I'd buy the paid version.
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