Discussion about the Official Wishlist

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Re: Discussion about the Official Wishlist

Post by murki »

is the official wishlist still alive?

I posted this a few days ago: http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... =4&t=69962
Although I didn't get a lot of feedback I still think this is a good idea:
I'd like to have a column in the Column-Browser that displays the album-artwork. I explained it in the topic more detailed.
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Re: Discussion about the Official Wishlist

Post by JCfantasy23 »

nohitter151 wrote:
JCfantasy23 wrote:I'd like an option to have playlists in their own panel. I depend on them a lot for organization and playback, so having them have their window separate from the media library would be useful.
You can already do this (sort of) in MM4 using tabs.
I would like to see a separate database type window, but I do agree it's nice MM4 has tabs! They come in handy for several things.
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