Advanced genre and custom tag management; Related artists

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Advanced genre and custom tag management; Related artists

Post by Christoph » Mon Mar 10, 2008 5:51 pm

I have three wishes for you.
1. Advanced genre management:
I think, many users have multiple genres for a song. E.g. in my archive, a soundtrack has everytime the "soundtrack" genre. But then I differentiate between soundtrack compilations of different artists (marked additionally as "compilation") and composer music marked as "score".
Would it be possible to check / uncheck a special genre when multiple files with multiple genres are selected? Or did I miss a script that's able to do this?

2. Advanced custom tag management:
Like genre tags I would like the ability to have custom tag sets to use. For example this could be tags like "live, single, guitar, piano, synthi, digital, warm, cold, aggressive". Yes, I could do this already with the genre tag but then, I would mix up the original intention of it with any special tags.

3. Related artists:
And the third wish is to link different artists. Maybe I would link Mozart & Beethoven, or James Newton-Howard and Christopher Young, because there music has in my mind some relations. Then I could create playlists which base on these relations. I know this is already possible with integration but a native and network independent solution would also be good. Another point is that you can make your own relations between artists.

I hope, some of my wishes are a bit interesting. :)


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Post by mattisse » Wed Mar 12, 2008 3:34 am

Hello Christoph,

with this script you can predefine tag sets for each custom field.
It works pretty well, but nonetheless I support your wish for a native MM implementation of a drop-down selection box for the custom fields.

BTW, I've set up one custom field as Release type with possible tags being Album, Single/Maxi, Compilation, Soundtrack... Maybe this could help you with your first problem too.

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Post by Christoph » Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:13 am

Hi mattisse,
thanks for your reply.
The script looks quite good. I will try it.
Maybe, I will think about an own scripting solution for my problems. ;) Let's see.


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