Changes to how nodes are viewed

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Changes to how nodes are viewed

Post by ddk »

I find the Windows Media Player method of viewing nodes more logical and would like to see MM do the same.
When you click on the Artist node, the track list should in fact show the list of Artists rather than a list of all songs by all artists.
That way, I could select several artists from the list and click Play Now, just for those artists.
Same logic applies to the other nodes. if I wanted to see all tracks in the library, then they should be listed when I click on the Library head node.
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Post by Lowlander »

But you can already see the list of artists in the explorer tree?? Anyway I like the way it works.
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Post by sadao »

Perhaps it will be possible to add ctrl + click multiple selects in the node tree? At any rate, the same effect can be achieved by clicking each artist individually and selecting 'play last'.

I prefer the way it's setup now too.
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Post by pah68 »

I also prefer the MediaMonkey way. It's a whole lot more powerful. I do most of my browsing through AutoPlaylists anyway. I've got them set up for every conceivable selection.
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Post by ddk »

No, I've decided this really drives me mad so I'm raising the issue again and looking for support.
When I click on the list of artists I want to see a list of Artists so I can select several and click Play Now. It seems sensible to me.
Instead, when I click on the Artists node, I get a list of all tracks for all artists which I then have to sort by artist then select all relevant tracks. That's mad.
Ok, I could select one artist at a time and keep clicking Play Next, but that's rather tedious.
Come on, someone agree with me.
BTW, the logic applies if for anyone who wants to select several entries from other nodes, eg. several Albums or several Ratings, Genres etc.
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Post by psyXonova »

Well, that was a long-time come-back ... :lol:
The point is that the track list is for displaying tracks and not artists or genres or whatever.

It is based on the simple logic:
When i click something on the tree i want to see everything that belongs to this spesific tree node....

As it has allready been said, you can accomplish what you want by right-clicking each node of interest and select paly last...
I understand that this is quite more difficult for the user than from displaying a list of items and selecting a bunch of them (with Ctrl-Click) and then selecting the Play_now, but it does the same job after all....
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