Auto-Tag Filename Control

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Auto-Tag Filename Control

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Hi Folks,

Unless I missed something, there doesn't seem to be a way to control the filename of the song after an Auto-Tag from Web.
I currently use <Track#> - <Artist> - <Title> but it always outputs <Track#> without the hyphen and spaces.
Another nice thing would be if somehow there could be a subscription service with AMG / Media Monkey / Us Folks that would allow us access to their database. For those of us with extesive libraries, Amazon doesn't quite cut it.
I used to use Music Library, but this software is considerably better...thanks, Mac
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Re: Auto-Tag Filename Control

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I agree.

I also have a large music library with very esoteric & eclectic genres. Coming from Musicmatch Jukebox, I feel that the Media Monkey version of tagging really does fall short. I never seem to get the proper tags for my non top 40 music, which means countless hours of manual typing. Also, what I really loved about Musicmatch is that if the downloaded tags were not to my liking, I was able to change them and submit them back to the database. This user revised database was great because one person's work could be shared with others. One thing I have noticed is that my "remix" versions of songs never get tagged properly (i.e. Summer Sun [Carlito Remix]). Many times, on various artist albums the song title and song artist are combined in the song title, huh? That just does notmake sense. I try to hop around the various site choices offered but none really do the trick.

Overall I think Media Monkey is the closest thing to Musicmatch Jukebox, but I think a few things need some tweeking. Tagging is one of those things. Tagging should be painless. I would not even mind paying an extra 10 bucks for premium tagging feature, it's that important to me.

Thanks guys,
Big Moe

P.S. Love the Glided Skin (although could use couple tweeks too)
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Re: Auto-Tag Filename Control

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Did you check out the MusicIP, MusicBrainz, Discogs and Yahoo! Music tagging scripts?
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