Windows 7 Preview Pane Handler

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Windows 7 Preview Pane Handler

Post by DaveFrischknecht »

I think it would be a really good idea to have a preview pane handler for the next version of MM. A lot of times I like to preview a song I've downloaded before adding it to my library. If I keep MP3s associated with MM, I have to right-click the file and choose Open With... If I keep them associated with WMP, I can just select the file and click "play" in the preview pane.

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Re: Windows 7 Preview Pane Handler

Post by nohitter151 »

My preference is just to associate all audio file types with another (more lightweight) program, like Media Player classic or VLC or even Winamp lite. That way you can use a low-resource program which will open quickly in order to preview files via windows explorer. When you want to listen to your whole library, then you open MM.
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Re: Windows 7 Preview Pane Handler

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nohitter151s idea is good. I am using AIMP2 for this. It is a pretty good winamp alternitive, with a lot of nice features and a pretty good sound quality.
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