Editing of FLAC tags in MediaMonkey

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Editing of FLAC tags in MediaMonkey

Post by goberre »

As a long time user of the excellent MediaMonkey, I have one major gripe;

I have all my 300,000 tunes in FLAC files but I cannot edit the file tags within MediaMonkey. I firmly believe that the use of FLAC will increase immensely now that PC driven music systems are taking off, and I would welcome the ability to edit FLAC files and change their rating just like MediaMonkey does for MP3.
Does anyone know if this is planned for the next release and if not when?
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Re: Editing of FLAC tags in MediaMonkey

Post by Bex »

It's supported in MM since many years. In what way doesn't it work for you?
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Re: Editing of FLAC tags in MediaMonkey

Post by Peke »

What problems exactly you have as like bex wrote MM fully support FLAC tag management?
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