Multiple Libraries?

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Re: Multiple Libraries?

Post by Lowlander »

No, auto-complete shows used values in the Library and this can't be changed. However, why not edit multiple files at a time so you don't have to enter it multiple times?
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Re: Multiple Libraries?

Post by deremder »

Collections are great. I use them to filter low rated and flagged items. But a complete switch to a different library with different source folders would be great.

I imagine it like this:
- When there's only on library, MM starts direcly.
- When you start MM from a file or CD, e.g. by doubleclicking, it starts with the first, base library.
- When MM is open, it uses allways the current library.
- Whe MM starts without a file to play and you have more than one libraries, you will be asked to choose a library.
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Re: Multiple Libraries?

Post by rivorson »

Or make it a little less complicated. Always use the most recent library and be able to change libraries using File --> Open and pointing to a different MM.db file.

The problem is that adding such functionality would require rewriting a significant amount of MM's code. It would probably only be viable if a new version was being rewritten from scratch.

What you could do as a workaround is have multiple portable installations. Admittedly this means more work when an update is released, but at least each portable installation could have its own library.
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Re: Multiple Libraries?

Post by deremder »

I think your solution is more complicated to implement.

Does such function really needs a rewrite? Isn't there one endpoint to the database?

Even when pointing a different database it will be a lot of work to implement understandable and usefull frontend elements.

The solution with different portable installation is restricted. I had conflicts with an installed and a prortable version and when you only use portable versions your not able to link filetypes with MM in your OS.
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