Multiple Libraries?

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Post by Lowlander »

You can only change the database location in the MediaMonkey.ini file, you can't switch between different databases. For that the application by Onkel_Enno comes in handy if you don't want to edit the ini file each time you want to change library.
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Wish List Entry

Post by Jared »

Multiple/Seperate/Partitionable Databases Startup Selectable calls for a more advanced implementation which ultimately allows multiple shared DBs, with incremental steps to get there.

PS: I'm the author, toot toot!
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Re: Multiple library support

Post by kitkat »

fisketjon wrote:All the suggestions for multiple libraries seems to imply that you want to keep the libraries separated. I would like to see support for multiple libraries in such a way that you can compare libraries, find differences, merge libraries by specifying preferred library in case of duplicates.
I, like fisketjon, would REALLY like a way to merge libraries.

I made the mistake of starting libraries twice, and I don't want to toggle. I just want to merge them and move on with my life.

Heck, I don't even care about the duplicates elimination. I'd rather have them merged without losing any information more than anything else!
Lowlander wrote:What's the reason to have multiple libraries if you want to merge them. Just scan all the files in one library and use the duplicate functionality to filter out duplicates.
Well, Lowlander, one of the nice things about a MediaMonkey library is that it's very good at archiving information about songs that you don't actually have on your computer. I mean, some of these songs I'll never put on a computer again--they're in my MediaMonkey archive so I can look at, say, 5 versions of "Don't Be That Way" that I listened to over lunch break last summer at my job and see that I rated 2 of them with horrible ratings, and of the 3 I rated high, two have BPMs that are rather fast and one has a rather slow BPM.

And then maybe I did the same thing with yet 3 more versions of "Don't Be That Way" at home.

I want to merge the databases so I can look up "Don't Be That Way" and see all 8 versions, and their info, at once! I can't get the "work 5" into the home database by your method unless I go figuring out where I put all those MP3s I listened to one time or another at work and put them onto my hard drive, one by one, from the places where they're stored. :-Þ

Now is it clearer why "merge" would be handy?

(I'd do this by hand in Microsoft Access, but I noticed that the unique ID numbers of the songs are all over the map and wouldn't easily be changeable in a reliable way!)
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Launching Library Selector

Post by Iggy64 »

I am an inexperienced user of MM who would like to have two separate MM libraries (databases). I have read here about the Library Selector script that allows easy switching between two libraries in MM. I understand that I must first create the two separate libraries prior to using Library Selector.

I have downloaded Library Selector and unzipped it to the root Program Files/MediaMonkey folder.

My question is: How do I invoke Library Selector? Do I run it from Windows Explorer, or is there a way to access it through the MM menus?
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Post by onkel_enno »

Instead of Starting MediaMonkey.exe, you are now starting LibrarySelector.exe. You can also create a shortcut to LibrarySelector.exe on your desktop and name it MediaMonkey ;-)
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Post by Iggy64 »

Ahh, that certainly makes sense. Maybe it was just TOO obvious, and I was just too tired to see it. Thanks very much for you kind reply.

And thanks, also, for creating such a useful program. I was trying to run separate databases by constantly switching .ini files, and that was really becoming tedious. Your work will make my music management much more enjoyable.
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Post by onkel_enno »

Thank You,

You're welcome 8)
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Post by Guest »

I want this feature to keep lossless and lossy libraries separate but updated (lossless -> lossy)
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Post by Seeker »

I too want multiple libraries - VERY MUCH.

I see the little extra implementation, but it seems like it would be very easy to AT LEAST give the ability to have multiple libraries (just a switch library function or a create library function).

Sure, there will be many requests for more multi-library features, but just being able to have them AT ALL (integrated into the program) would be a huge plus.
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Post by Morten »

Have you tried the new filtering capatibilities in MM v3.0?
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Post by stonebarn »

MusicMatch 9 has mutiple libraries 10 does not, I am currently using MusicMatch 9 and looking for a replacement. MediaMonkey is very good so give use mutiple libraries and let us get on with our lives.
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Post by Teknojnky »

anyone can have multiple libarys TODAY, its very easy.

Simply install (or copy) mediamonkey to 2 (or however many needed) locations.

MOVE the mediamonkey ini from the my music\mediamonkey folder to each of the program folders.

change the location of the database for each installation folder

now you have a separate library for whatever you want.

You can even run multiple instances at same time (for file monitoring) by making sure that 'allow just one instance' is unchecked for each installation.

The 2 key things are moving the mediamonkey.ini and setting the database location. Each installation needs it's own specific files.
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Post by drichm »

Simply install (or copy) mediamonkey to 2 (or however many needed) locations
then upgrade x copies of MediaMonkey 2.x to MediaMonkey 3.0, then to 3.1, then to 3.2, ...

Does not sound like a nice option to me.

I have asked for this before, and I hereby wish it again, either:
1. a /ini= command line option to define where the INI file is,
2. a /db= option to define where the database is,
3. or, worst case, a /dir= option to define where all the files are.

Then we can setup shortcuts using our various file locations, and only need one installed copy of MediaMonkey.

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Post by emalvick »

I have to say, that while I don't have a need for multiple libraries or db files myself, I can't see why it would be so hard to have a feature for multiple db's. It would be silly to have to install a program multiple times to get multiple db's. If I was a potential customer for multiple db's, that would put me off, and I would go elsewhere.

I've never seen a company tell me I need to install multiple copies of a program to open multiple documents of any type. That is extremely inefficient and not very customer friendly.

Filters and such are nice, but they don't solve the issue of playcounts, playlists, etc. if someone wants to keep these things separate. Many people don't have multiple accounts on their computer, and it isn't worth the hassle for some to make their media program work.

You could state that other programs don't have the feature, but that shouldn't stop MM from adding features that other programs don't have. That is what keeps MM ahead of everyone anyway.

Ultimately, I think the way that the MM developers are coming across in this thread is not very customer friendly, and one should remember that in successful businesses, it pays to make the customer happy.
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Post by Teknojnky »

I don't think any developers have responded to this thread, so any comments are other users opinions.
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