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Find More From Same enhancements

Post by Lowlander »

Taken from here:

I think it would be useful if in the MediaMonkey options users can choose for which fields they want to enable Find More From Same. This would like the addition of additional fields like the Title field some have requested. It would also allow the Grouping field which I would find useful.

The second enhancement would be an option to convert Find More From Same into a search query if the corresponding node is disabled or doesn't exist in the Explorer Tree. For example if a user wants to find more from same Album and the Album node is hidden the search would be on Album and Album Artist with the values of the selected track.

The third enhancement would be to allow users to set hotkeys for the different Find More From Same options.
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Re: Find More From Same enhancements

Post by Dreadlau »

I think it's all good ideas.
So I voted yes for the 4. :lol:
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Re: Find More From Same enhancements

Post by windcrest77 »

I voted to let users pick what fields should be used as criteria for "Find more from same" #1 above.

For example in my library most of my song titles have been recorded by a minimum of 20 different artists. I'm constantly wanting to list all the artist who recorded a song, lets say "Route 66" (I see that 132 different artists come having recorded that song in my library). But Title does not show up in "Find more from same list", only less useful things like Artist, Genre and Composer show up. I also want to often find more songs that are at a similar tempo of the target song, so BPM range would be another column/rule I'd add.

I'd go one step further and let me write an expression (or rule) that can include more than one field as criteria for a find more from same selection. For example "find more songs at or close to this BPM; AND in this same genre; AND that are rated at or better than this rating". So if I want to quickly cue up three Salsa tunes at approximately 150 BPM that are quality tunes I could find them quickly.
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Re: Find More From Same enhancements

Post by Bex »

My Advanced Duplicate script, link in signature, has a "Find More From Same - Custom Search"-feature which pretty much, if not exactly, can do all things listed in this thread! :)
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Find More from Same > Title

Post by JoePublic »

Here's another item on my MM5 wish list. This one will be of interest primarily to those with larger music collections.

When you right click a highlighted track, one of the menu items is "Find More from Same", and then the sub-options are Artist(s), Album, Composer(s), and several Folder options. I use this feature all the time. It is very helpful.

My request is to add Song Title as another sub-option, which I guess means adding Song Title as an available Tree node. Yes, I know it would only be able to match on the exact song title, but that alone would be helpful. And if it would show the Song Title in the tree display, that would be even better because you could click on those if you wanted to, one at a time.

Why would this be useful? Taking the song "Yesterday" as an example, if I am looking at the Beatles album "Help!", I might wonder if I have other artists doing that same song in my library. Instead of clicking in the search bar, typing "title:yesterday", and scrolling down through all the other songs that have "Yesterday" in the title, I could just right-click, choose Find More from Same > Title (Yesterday), and it would pull up the 63 songs in my collection having the exact title "Yesterday", almost all of which are the Lennon-McCartney song of that name done by various different artists.

I don't know what the downsides are of adding that feature. I know I would use the feature a lot if it were available.
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Re: Find More From Same enhancements

Post by JoePublic »

Thanks to the forum moderator for finding this old but still relevant thread and and merging my separately entered comment into it.

I like the idea expressed above of user-customized Find More from Same options in addition to Title. I could see someone wanting to use FMfS for BPM, Album Artist, Mood, etc., depending on what fields the user typically populates.
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