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Re: x64 and GPU support

Post by nohitter151 »

muetzekoeln wrote:I strongly agree.

64bit will improve codec speed. And I do use re-coding a lot.
Alternatively GPU support should be considered to speed-up
No it won't. Most codecs are written as 32 bit.
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Re: x64 Support

Post by DigDug »

Running on a rig with 32GB of RAM - MM crashing due to memory addresses above 32bit limit.

This is probably due to the fact that I have many things running and am using 6 to 10GB of RAM so addresses being handed back are above that 3.xx gb limit of a 32bit address space.

How's that 64bit to 32bit thunking working out?

Re: x64 Support

Post by kongoman »

Can't use dedicated keyboard media control keys globally when any 64-bit program is the active window :S.
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Re: x64 Support

Post by ljettinger »

I know I'm a little late for the proverbial kicking of someone's poor dead horse, BUTTTT... I personally think it would be highly beneficial to go 64bit just to make the tasks of Metadata Lookup and Auto-Arranging tolerable... I have a two machines, one is quad-core with 32Gb Ram and WD Black 1TB OS HDD and this thing will fall flat on it's face once I unleash either of those processes on my 1.1M+ song library... The other is an 8core with 32GB RAM and a 500GB Samsung SSD and it doesn't fair much better if it's not worse doing the same tasks...
Also, volume leveling gobbles up tons of resources too...
Now those were just normal day to day tasks that I feel would benefit from going 64bit, but let's talk a little crazy now, and yes, I'm takling about adding in addon's, because then it is like suicide with a reusable rubber bullet depending on what you add in... Just about any DSP capable of more than changing volume, fade and balance will slam the brakes on, but even things as simple as running a duplicate fixers or name/tag changers and once again the machine is dragging butt, yet over half it's resources are free...
Anyway, just my two cents for where it would be beneficial and really make a difference...

And I know it's not as easy as going from fork to a spoon, but Python has some very very interesting tools in the shed as far as integrating with all sorts of API's, maybe it's worth a look see, especially given how you could use a business/project modeling package to track the collaborative effort, map out the new design additions as well as manage the changes, do bug tracking and trouble ticketing, track the progress and effort, fully document everything while designing it, even layout screens for every type of device from phone to tablet to notebook to desktop to multi desktop and then once that's finished, press a magic button and the software can write the code in any number of languages for you... **Granted I haven't tried this yet, but UML/SysML software sound like the ticket and I'm about to to try out Visual Paradigm myself...

Anyway, I guess my biggest point is, I use my MM for way more than just to playback an mp3... if that's all I wanted to do, I'd of stuck with WMP or now I'd even have Groove...
Anyways, I'm done now... You may return to your otherwise quiet space... Thanks for reading...

Re: x64 Support

Post by ecomorph1@gmail.com »

I've often thought that MM could very much use a 64bit instance... my MM library is over 4 TB, and I routinely run into delays. I just moved my entire lib to a new RAID instance and it is taking sooooo long to process!
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Re: x64 Support

Post by Lowlander »

This tends to be because of hard drive access delays as the large database needs to be processed.
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Re: x64 Support

Post by Peke »

FYI just to let you know that MM5 is considering all the aspects you entered here.
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Re: x64 Support

Post by riscal77 »

The reason why I left MM and only use it as a glorified tagger (it is still the best in the category) is the refusal to develop it further....Here I read posts from 2010 telling us all how 64 bit is a useless upgrade to MM but in all reality it is not. The ability to use more ram would come in handy for those of us with real libraries of music (say 50000 tunes+) because MM as it stands now is always corrupting my album art files (sometimes giving the same album art to multiple artists, albums, etc...Also codecs with 64bit tech are now widely found which my JRIVer supports completely in the audio engine component.

So it would be nice if MM could at least come up to 2016 tech sometime in the next 3 years...maybe I would come back completely then...I need something more than sync updates to external devices...
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Re: x64 Support

Post by mattd850 »

MusicBringer wrote:why?
"640K ought to be enough for anybody"
Lol! Bill Gates quote. Awesome! It's more of a development issue. They'd need more programmers to compile and test MM in 64-bit. Eventually, they'll be able to drop 32-bit support, when Microsoft stops releasing 32-bit versions of their operating system.
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Re: x64 Support

Post by Greg28 »

Dreadlau wrote:FYI: There are lot of codecs packs, splitters, ... available in 64bit:

LAME: http://www.start64.com/index.php?option ... Itemid=146

K-Lite Codec Pack 64-bit: http://www.start64.com/index.php?option ... Itemid=146

Advanced Codec Pack: http://www.start64.com/index.php?option ... Itemid=146

ffdshow 64-bit builds: http://www.start64.com/index.php?option ... Itemid=146

Haali Media Splitter: http://www.start64.com/index.php?option ... Itemid=146

Some Media players are already available in 64bit version. But I guess they just wasted their time since its useless :roll:

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema: http://www.start64.com/index.php?option ... &Itemid=72

Microsoft Zune: http://www.start64.com/index.php?option ... Itemid=146

Windows Media Player 12 64-Bit: http://redslotvip.com

And here is an example of a player that is only available in 64bit:

Small Player: http://www.igorware.com/small-player
Thanks a lot!
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