Auto-Sync tags from device to PC

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Auto-Sync tags from device to PC

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As MTP on Android doesn't seem to support synchronizing back some tags, e.g. ratings, MM should be able to sync tags back in MSC (usb mass storage devices) mode as a workaround.

At the moment there is only an option to sync back entire files, which doesn't work with "Level volume when synchronizing", and of course I wouldn't like it to have my original files overwritten by levelled or converted ones.

So MM should have the option to sync tags. Auto-Sync should work like this:
1. Read tags from existing files on the portable device
2. Check for any differences to the MM database for those tracks.
3. Update tags in MM database according to portable device. Optional: ask user first. Optional: select fields to be synced.
4. Continue with Auto-Sync (sync files to portable device)

Edit: as a temporary workaround I've created a script to sync back ratings: ... 88#p308062, but of course I still hope that you can integrate such a functionality into MM Auto-Sync.

See Sync with Google Android as well specifically for Android devices.